Why Can't I Pay With A Credit Card?

The US Federal government and the US Federal Banking System have made it extremely difficult to take credit cards for any type of cannabis product, including industrial hemp, especially if the sale is online or "card not present" as it is known with online sales.

This is the fourth time in 7 years that this company has lost the ability to accept credit cards. Every time has been without any notice. The current situation was caused when the underwriting bank the company CanineBioDynamic had a merchant account with pulling its underwriting from the merchant account services company.

We have no idea why this occurred. We will try to get a new merchant account, which can take months, but that may not be possible due to the extremely harsh way the cannabis industry is viewed by credit card companies, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Mastercard, Apple Pay Quick Books Online, and Mark Zuckerburg. We are expressly prohibited from accepting any of these types of payment, so please do not try.

We are very upset by this out of the blue occurrence, but calling and trying to pay with a credit card anyway is not possible, so I am asking you please to select either pay by check or with your online bank account for a 5% discount.

Starting July 5, 2021 we will also be accepting safe , easy cash payments that come with LARGE preferred payment discounts.

Sincerely ,
Founder and CEO Dr Lisa Daniel