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Side effects and drug interactions:

CBD is very safe and has no known negative drug interactions.
 It can be given in conjunction with all commonly prescribed veterinary drugs , including NSAIDS , Gabapentin and  anti-Seizure meds like Keppra ,Zonisamide and Phenobarbital . 
The most commonly seen side effect is  sedation /ataxia  (wobbly in hind end ) . This occurs in about 10% of pets given CBD and is a transient / temporary  non-harmful  side effect than goes away when CBD is metabolized . 
 If this type of sedation and ataxia occurs,  simply stop CBD for a 24 hour wash out period, then restart at half the dose you were giving . This is easily measured by the hash marks on the 1 cc/ml oral dosing  syringe .
In these types of cannabis -sensitive pets you can  increase the amount given by 0.1 ml/cc increments every 12  hours until you reach therapeutic  effect without ataxia as a side effect.
If you miss a dose of CBD , nothing untoward will happen. Simply give at next scheduled time .
If your pet’s condtion worsens while on CBD , please stop product use and  consult your veterinarian  immediately .


How long will it take to be effective?

Most notice an effect within 30 minutes to one hour, but to appreciate the full effect it will need to be given twice daily for about 4-5 days.


If you have any questions about dosing and administration, please call Dr. Daniel at 512-413-2349.

CanineBioDynamic comes as an oil based liquid tincture . The package comes with a 1ml/cc oral dosing syringe provided for easy and very accurate dose titrations/adjustments. 

 Shake the bottle well before use and store in a cool dry place. Do not leave sitting in a hot car or in the kitchen window, exposed to sunlight.

Your bottle was shipped with a black safety cap on the bottle . Please KEEP THIS CAP  in case you want to travel with the CBD oil .  Once the bottle has arrived, screw off the black cap and screw on  the provided  blue adapta cap. Once blue cap is on , SHAKE BOTTLE WELL, turn bottle upside down, insert the oral dosing syringe, and measure out the amount needed with the hash marks on syringe. Dose is listed on side product labels.  Each number hash mark on the syringe is  0.10 mls/ ccs of oil  . If the label says to give, for example , 0.5 mls, draw up liquid to the " 5" mark on the syringe

 Make sure to securely close blue adapta caps and STORE BOTTLE UPRIGHT .  The blue cap will come open if not snapped shut and  it will leak if not stored upright.

Dosing requirements for every dog , cat, and human are very individual . The doses listed on the label are given as a suggested general reference and starting point , but your pet MAY REQUIRE MORE  than the label dose .

In cases of Fear ,Anxiety , Separation Anxiety and Phobias you may need to give 2-3 times the label dose . This is perfectly safe to do and may be necessary if you have , for example, a severely noise phobic dog and it is the 4th of July . In situations like this we are trying to sedate and calm the pet so giving more CBD to get  this result  is the goal . 

It is important to remember that this product is dosed TO EFFECT, meaning IF YOU NEED TO GIVE MORE THAN LABEL DOSE ,IT IS SAFE  TO DO SO , and if less is required, you can easily do that by titrating the dose uo or down  with the dosing syringes provided. If you have any questions or concerns about dosing , simply contact Dr. Daniel at 512-413-2349.


Most dogs  require  twice daily dosing with CBD.

If your dog has mild arthritis pain, then half dosing twice is usually enough.

Dogs with severe arthritis pain require twice daily dosing (every  10-12 hours is best) Most dogs will take CBD oil on a treat like  low fat peanut butter or nonfat  cream cheese, in a pill pocket or on a small amount of dog food . It can be given with or without food, so if your dog will not accept it on a treat then simply place it in the mouth, where it will be absorbed through the oral mucosa. It is not necessary to make your pet swallow the medication.

Pets that are critically ill /hospice cases and will not eat will need to be orally medicated with CBD oil. Simply  place it into their mouth where it can come in contact with the mucous membranes and it will be absorbed. Swallowing it  or placing it in back of throat is not necessary . 


To  get the very best results in cats , twice daily dosing is recommended . If you can only give it once daily , then do what you can. Cats are very resistant to the sedative effects of CBD and very rarely exhibit ataxia or incoordination . For this reason ,it is recommended to start with the full label dose on cats . If your cat seems to need more CBD for pain or say , appetite stimulation , then increase the dose . It  is perfectly safe to give higher than label dose and may be necessary to get the very  best results .  Remember , everyone has individual CBD dosing requirements. 

Some cats will not take CBD oil off of a treat, so draw up the amount recommended to be given based on the cat’s  body weight, which is listed on  the  side label of the bottle . The oral dosing syringe has 0.1 ml/cc incremements on it , so if the label says , for an example - “ give 0.3 mls “ the draw up CBD oil to the “3 “ hash mark on the 1 ml/cc syringe and that is 0.3 ml/cc’s . 

Open your cat’s mouth a bit and insert the CBD oil into the oral cavity- your cat does not need to swallow it , as CBD  will be absorbed through  the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

 If you can not open your cat’s mouth  alternative administration methods include placing it on your cat’s front paw for them to lick the CBD  off or placing the CBD oil on the inside  ( hairless side of cat's ear pinnae , where it will be  transdermally ( absorbed through the skin )  abdsorbed. Please note , do not place it into the cat's ear canal, but just on  the inside hair less ear tip . 

The ear pinnae is the tip of the ear and the inside part is the hairless part . 

it is important to note that the best absorption and results will be seen with oral administration , but these other 2 methods can be used as backups for more difficult and hard to medicate cats .   

If your pet’s medical condition worsens while on CBD, discontinue product use and see your veterinarian immediately.

Never discontinue seizure medication without first consulting your veterinarian.

Because CBD works so well for a variety of symptoms that may be caused by serious medical problems, it is CRITICAL to obtain a diagnosis for your pet before beginning treatment with CBD. Common ailments that may require veterinary treatment include: pancreatitis, cancer, GI foreign bodies, and orthopedic problems requiring surgery. Most behavioral problems like fear and anxiety will not require a diagnosis before beginning treatment. This product was designed by a practicing veterinarian and is not to replace traditional medical therapies, but rather to be used as an adjunct. Never discontinue a medication without first consulting your veterinarian.

Our products contains less than 0.3% THC, which meets the legal definition of hemp by US Federal Law. The low THC content ensures your pet will never be high or experience any psychoactivity from product administration.

This product is legal in all 50 states and no prescription is required.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What is the difference between medical marijuana, hemp and cannabis? And is this medical marijuana?

Marijuana and hemp both contain cannabinoids, but the term marijuana refers to the flower or bud of the marijuana plant and is only legal in about 23 states in the US.

Marijuana has a much higher THC content than hemp. THC is the compound that causes psychoactitvity. Hemp has very little THC and will not cause your pet to be high” or to experience any psychoactivity.

The term cannabis can refer to any compound, be it marijuana or hemp, that contains cannabinoids like CBD.

Hemp is legal to be imported in from Europe and it can be legally grown in some states in the US.

Is this product Legal?

Yes, this product is 100% legal in the United States

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