15 year old lab with hip dysplasia/osteoarthritis


Severe arthritis - Torn
ACL/cruclate ligament


Dog with severe
arthritis & renal failure


What Vets are saying about us:

Dr Ashley Opyt, Austin, TX

Canine Biodynamic’s CBD oil has been life changing for myself and my patients. I am so happy to have such an effective, safe option to aid in the management of anxiety and chronic pain, among other conditions. My patients are also happy- they seem to feel less pain and nausea and have an overall better quality of life when they are on Canine Biodynamic’s CBD oil. Add this to the support and advice Dr. Daniel has provided to me, and this product has been truly changed the way I practice medicine for the better.

Dr. Dara Berry, Austin Veterinary Housecall, Austin, TX

I first used Dr Daniel’s Feline Veterinary Hemp Extract when she convinced me to try it on my own 18 yr old cat.  Dulci suffered from crippling arthritis as a result of being caught in a fan belt as a kitten . She was in so much pain she spent her days lying on her heated cat bed , barely moving around and only leaving her bed to use the litter box and eat .   Within a few days of starting the hemp oil once a day  I noticed a striking change in Dulci’s mobility and she began to climb stairs, get back in bed with me again,  and climb on the back of sofa . Her appetite and mood greatly improved , too.  After my experience with my own cat I began to recommend Dr Daniel’s hemp oil products for many of my own  house call patients . Her products have been of great benefit for a variety of conditions , including Hospice care, cats with Chronic Renal Failure , arthritis and in dogs with refractory pain conditions .
Dr Daniel is always available to answer  product or dosing questions my clients may have .

Dr. Angela Asbury, Westlake Animal Hospital, Austin, TX

Claude is a 16 year old domestic short hair that we diagnosed with stage 3 Chronic kidney disease and osteoarthritis in March of 2018. At that time he was no longer able to jump up on my bed without assistance, his appetite was decreased and subsequently he was losing weight and muscle mass, and he was becoming increasingly more disengaged. His personality and disposition made it very difficult to initiate traditional treatments. He aggressively resisted administration of subcutaneous fluids and as a result started hiding and having elimination issues. He was underwhelmed with the variety of kidney diets that were offered. Oral pain medications were either not an option or made him too sedate.

My choices were limited and I decided to place him under hospice care. I prepared my family for his passing and was carefully monitoring his quality of life. This is when I contacted Dr. Lisa Daniel at Canine Biodynamics to discuss getting her Hemp C B D Oil for Claude. My goal was to keep him as comfortable as possible during his last days and knew I could at least administer this oral suspension to him.

Here we are, almost a year and a half later, and Claude is still with us. He’s jumping up onto the bed again without assistance, eating well, looking better (with weight gain and improved hair coat), and is much more social and engaged. He even has his characteristic feistiness back. Within one month of starting the CBD Oil, his appetite and mobility improved and he has been doing well ever since. I know the day will come when we will have to say goodbye to our feisty feline boy, but I’m filled with gratitude for the additional time we have had with him. While we don’t yet have clear data or peer reviewed studies to show the clinical efficacy of hemp CBD Oil on kidney disease and osteoarthritis, I am thrilled with the results in my own cat, and as a result, have not hesitated in offering this option to my kidney failure patients. I have been recommending Canine Biodynamic CBD oil for the management of other conditions as well, including nausea and anorexia, behavioral or anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and those under hospice care. I am very comfortable using cbd oil as adjunct therapy with other traditional therapies. It is safe and well tolerated in conjunction with other medications and treatments. Further, Dr. Daniel is always available to discuss individual cases and dosing options. This additional tool in my treatment toolbox has been invaluable, and has made a difference in the quality of life of my patients and their owners.

Thank you Dr. Lisa Daniel for making a difference for Claude and giving us more time together.

Dr. Anna Y. Chan

This has been an effective therapy for so many of my patients. I have seen improvement in appetite for cats with inflammatory bowel disease. These cats have been able to have less nausea and use less steroids once they are on hemp oil by canine biodynamics. I have used hemp oil in patients with other symptoms to help with appetite. I had one senior patient named Nala with end stage heart disease. She was already on the maximum dose of her cardiac drugs after referral to a cardiologist. She was so anxious because she felt short of breath at certain times of the day. Nala’s anxiety was managed with hemp oil. Dr Daniel was very helpful and consulted with her dose of the hemp oil. I know that Nala’s owner was forever grateful and Nala’s last month was as peaceful as possible for her.

Dr Kristi Oldham , Charleston , South Carolina

I have been using CanineBioDynamic’s CBD hemp CBD Oil for over 3 years with amazing results in my patients.
As a practicing holistic veterinarian it is so exciting to have hemp oil that is so versatile and efficacious and one in which I actually see the results that the scientistic literature claims. Knowing the power and versatility of the product it is is wonderful to have CanineBioDynamic to recommend for my patients.

What customers are saying about us:

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge

Catnip Casa Cat Refuge

Dr. Daniel’s feline veterinary hemp extract is the best we’ve used at Catnip Casa Cat Refuge. The cat population here consists of all senior and special needs cats. Treating pain in cats can be difficult, and we have one old fellow with serious arthritis. This works to give him pain relief. We’ve tried other brands. The result was hard to evaluate because the cats would not take it.

This product smells fresh and clean. Cats nibble on grasses and love greens like catnip. We don’t have to fight to get them to take it or try to find a way to disguise the taste. It’s a win-win.

Street Cat Rescue

I would like to mention how much CBD oil plays a role in Street Cat Rescue now. I first discovered the benefits in cats with my cat with cancer, Oliver. Although he was incurable he was able to be comfortable and his seizures were kept under control with the Feline Veterinary Hemp Extract Dr. Lisa Daniel sent to me. I was impressed.

I started experimenting on various ailments and discovered that it’s very helpful for stomatitis and IBD, CRF( kidney failure ) , Lymphoma and hospice cases. Oliver ,who wasn’t expected to make it through the night I had him in the ER lived another 5 1/2 months being his old self because of the oil. Dr. Daniel includes consults/advice for free when you purchase from her company. A sweet deal. She was of great help in dealing with Oliver and it is very reassuring to talk to an actual real live veterinarian about CBD oil use in animals and also , just being able to talk to an independent vet about what is going on in my rescue cats.

Want to adopt a cat or donate to a very worthy cause ? Visit us at

Carolyn Collins , Austin, Tx

This stuff is amazing.
Pablo was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and Hyperthyroidism 2 years ago.

His kidney levels have remained stable (stage 2) and he has mostly maintained his weight (still approx 9 pounds).

He will celebrate his 16th birthday next month, which I never expected. He is bright eyed and playful.
Thank you!

Rachelle Neverdahl

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do and the product you provide. Our 14 year old kitty, Zena, was diagnosed with advanced cancer in her lungs on July 1 and had a poor prognosis. Wanting to make her remaining time as comfortable as possible, a friend suggested I contact you and I am so glad I did.

While Zena has waned a little in the last few weeks and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, she is still with us 5 months later. I’m convinced the CBD has made the difference. I desperately wish I had known about this product 3 years ago when our beloved dog Skylar was diagnosed with cancer in her liver. We may have had more time with her after her diagnosis.

My friend that made the referral uses the product on her older Maine Coon for his arthritis and it’s made a positive difference in his life too. Thanks again. =>..<=

Pat O’Quinn

I personally saw amazing results from giving CBD oil to Quin and I wanted to share w other pet owners our story.

This is Quin, my 12 year old King Charles Cavalier who weighs 20 pounds.  He was diagnosed w inoperable liver cancer in May 2017.  I chose not to do cancer treatments and decided to start him on CBD oil.  Quin had his yearly appointment w his oncologist for a liver ultrasound recently.  She was amazed at what she saw.  His liver looked better than two years before.  I am not expecting a cure but it is one way to make your pet comfortable w/out side effects.   I am so pleased to have found Dr. Lisa Daniels and hope this helps those who are unsure whether to try it.

Stacy Clark, Waco, Tx

My dog Sandy’s renal failure was so bad that she had no appetite anymore and almost had quit eating. I contacted my high school classmate veterinarian Dr. Lisa Daniel to see if anything could be done because my vet in Waco said there was nothing else to try. Dr. Daniel recommended we try the oil. Once we started the oil on Sandy, her appetite increased dramatically for 9 months and just made her feel better overall.
I believe Dr. Daniel helped her live an additional 9 months because of CanineBioDynamic Veterinary Hemp Oil. I also used it on my other Yorkie Toby for his severe arthritis and it was wonderful for him. Now I am using it for another one of my Yorkies for his extreme separation anxiety from me and thunderstorms and it is really helping him as well.

Audrey McCarthy , Austin, TX

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Daniel and Canitesinne Biodynamic Veterinary Hemp Oil. My dog, Sweetie, is blind, deaf, paraplegic, incontinent, and suffers from dementia, anxiety, and pain. Our vet recommended we try Dr. Daniel’s Canine Biodynamic Veterinary Hemp Oil to ease Sweetie’s symptoms. I can say for certain that Sweetie’s quality of life has improved because of it. Sweetie is calmer and more comfortable since we started her on Canine Biodynamic’s CBD. She no longer seems agitated all the time. It is also so nice to have access to Dr. Daniel to provide guidance on dosing and help with general veterinary questions. Thank you, Dr. Daniel, for this product, and your counsel. Our girl is doing so much better and we are so grateful.

Carroll Cooper, Austin, Tx

Willie is a 16 year old toothless Chihuahua that my family and I adopted as a special needs senior from the Austin Animal Shelter .

He has had had allergies for several years and as he has aged I really noticed him slowing down and his appetite just wasn’t that great . We decided to try him on Dr Daniel’s CanineBioDynamic Veterinary Hemp Oil and within 4 weeks his allergies had improved by over 90 % and he now has a spring in his step , can go much further on his walks and he nows cries with excitement when I make his dinner . We are so pleased that Willie feels so good in his senior years .

Carroll H, Bellham, Washington

I am forever thankful for your product and have told many people about it including vets and on-line merchants who sell dog health products. Tycho continues to eat very well and does not seem to have the nausea that he once did. He has gained enough weight that he is back to a good healthy weight that I am happy with.

Thank you so much – I am really thrilled to have Tycho on Canine Bio Dynamic.

Debbie G, Austin, Tx

CBD is superior to Rx anti-anxiety meds bc it does not knock my dog out. Instead, Beanie wakes up refreshed after a scary event. When he wakes up, he is happy and perky. It has also afford me great pain control for my dog’s bad back and chronic pancreatis. Beanie has liver disease ( sago palm intoxication ) and can NOT take NSAIDS. CBD has allowed me to stop worrying about my dog when thunderstorms, fireworks, and, smoke detector, loud sport events are on TV. Dr. Daniel has given 5 star customer service and is incredibly easy to reach and gives a ton of info. Delivery is lightning fast. It is like ordering from Amazon prime.

Janet Sharp

Thank you Dr. Lisa – Charlie is still doing real good despite his kidney failure. He loves his Feline Veterinary Hemp Extract made by CanineBioDynamics .
He puts it on his face after I give him his dropper dose. Aggression has greatly diminished towards his brother Oliver to the point where it only happens once a week instead of many times per day. Oliver is happier too now that Charlie is feeling better – our house is back to being a quiet home. Have a great week and thank you so much for helping us – there are no words to describe how much we appreciate what you have done. – Peace and joy – Janet, Dale, Charlie and Oliver – the Sharps

Pat O’Quinn

Wonderful news. He had an abdominal ultrasound last week: Here’s what Dr Bonnie sent me from Dr Dailey his oncologist. Last one was done when we got diagnosis of liver cancel 2 yrs ago.

“Looked great and her report was excellent. She said his liver looked better than when she looked at him last!!!! Amazing.”

I really believe the CBD oil has helped. I’ve had him a lot longer then ever dreamed once diagnosis came in and found surgery wasn’t an option. I can’t begin to find words to thank you for creating such wonderful product. I do know it will not cure the cancer. I will just enjoy him while I have him.

Lauren Baker, Bel Air, Maryland

Darwin is 17 going on 18 and is on Chinese herbs and CBD. He was suspected of having a brain tumor after a major seizure 2 summers ago. WR started purchasing through canine biodynamics. He has chronic pancreatitis that we’ve been able to keep under reasonable control but was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2018 about a week before his 17th birthday. He is hanging tough, gets CBD twice a day now. He has issues with knuckling on his back feet but that has greatly improved in much shorter duration and frequency. He gets around the house very well and was out walking in our neighborhood for an hour the Saturday before the snow. The CBD has helped.


Dr. Daniel Hemp oil helps my daughter’s precious cat Luna have a much better quality of life, She was diagnosed with renal disease approx, 2 years ago and has been receiving subcutaneous fluids at home daily. She also has IBS and arthritis, Her weakness and vomiting were becoming more pronounced as her appetite plummeted. We heard about the possible benefits of hemp oil and gave it a try by adding a few drops to her food. She ate it ! Her appetite returned, vomiting reduced drastically and she got a spring back in her step ! Three days after finishing our 1st bottle she lost strength and appetite again so we got a new bottle and in a few days her strength and appetite returned. She will be 17 years old in 2017. We do not know how much longer we will have her but cherish every minute. We cannot thank you enough for being there for Luna.

Maegan Cunningham

My Boston Terrier, Beans, had to have surgery on his neck for a herniated disc in his neck that almost left him paralyzed. He had to be kept strictly confined in a crate for 2 weeks after his surgery, and he was dong fine in the crate until the thunderstorms during the May floods came rolling though. Bean was absolutely terrified and began slamming his body against the crate and freaking out. We tried giving him some of his Tramadol pain medication to calm him, but it did not work.

We called Dr. Lisa and she came rushing over to check on Beans. She gave him a small dose of her dog hemp oil product and within 5 minutes Beans was calm and happy, relaxed and not fearful. It worked great for his thunderstorm phobia and had the added benefit of treating his neck pain. We now keep it on hand for Beans’ thunderstorm phobia, and it worked on the 4th of July, too!

Marty Z., Austin, TX

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your CanineBioDynamic ​Hemp CBD Oil has significantly improved Mr Magoo’s quality and length of life ,which affects my quality of life in a big way as well.

I was so downhearted watching my 14 yr old Pug struggle to stand and walk . . His left hind leg had quit working, causing him to trip and fall constantly . He had been taking 12 medications per day ,plus shots twice per week for a year to treat multiple problems with his spine . IN spite of all the medications, his condition was deteriorating quickly .

In less than 30 seconds of his first Hemp Oil dose he was standing taller and immediately began walking, using his leg for the first time in MONTHS . Over 4 months later now I am working with vets at Westlake Animal Hospital as we wean him off some of the harsh meds , using your holistic Hemp Oil instead. I am so glad the vets at Westlake recommended your product .

The depth of my appreciation cannot be put into words. in our case the impact on our lives is priceless.

Dr. Tom Schnorr – Pharmacist

My fiancé brought a dog with her to our relationship, a 10-pound chaweenie. He was abused as a puppy. “Shiloh” is an easy dog. Well trained, peaceful and is a perfect companion dog to my future bride. He cowered from me for the first year of our relationship and would go into barking fits every 3-4 days when I came home. This past summer he was boarded for 5 days, and came home a mental wreck. It took a week to get him comfortable at home and trusting anyone. He normally travels with us as a companion dog, but it was out of the country and is very difficult to get him through customs.

Dr. Lisa provided CBD for us to use at home for his anxiety fits. We put it on a treat and he laps it up. Within 5 minutes he is relaxed, breathing deeper and wants to interact with us instead of curl up in his bed and shake.

We are so happy Dr Lisa is getting out there and helping us.

Lisa Seale

I have known Dr. Lisa Daniel for close to 20 years. I met her while working at a clinic here in Austin Texas. She is a truly caring person. She has always given great care to the animals she treats. She is a highly intelligent, well-educated veterinarian.

My dog Squirrel is a 14 dog. She is a 45-pound Australian Cattle Dog mix. Squirrel has had past serious liver issues. I noticed when Squirrel turned a certain way her hips would go out from under her. She also seemed to hesitate to get up, and when she did it was obvious her hips were becoming a bigger issue.

When her hips began to go, I was hesitant to put her on any drugs that could impact her liver. I started her on Adequan, oral joint supplements, and Tramadol as needed. In speaking with Dr. Lisa Daniel, I decided to try the hemp oil on a trial basis. WOW! After about 5 doses she was running around my house with the energy I had not seen in months. The hemp oil was the only new thing we added. I did not give the Tramadol after starting the hemp.
I’m thankful we are getting to a place where this will be available to pets.

J.W., Austin, TX

Thank you so much for the services and product you provide for us and our pets, you are making a difference!!.
This is a photo of her swimming at Garner State Park a few weeks ago, all due to her CanineBioDynamic Oil.

Shannon Wood

I know I only ordered from you six times, but I just want to thank you for your incredible customer service, excellent product, and excellent packaging. Our only dog, Abbie, succumbed to cancer in January, so I won’t be ordering anymore from you, but I want you to know that I believe your product helped Abbie during her last six months, and your great customer service definitely helped me a great deal!

Sherry Monier


I believe that Dr. Daniel saved my cat Gracie’s life!!!! In September 2016 I took Gracie to her vet because she was constantly licking her lips and gulping (later I learned this is a sign of nausea in cats). She was taking in minimal food and water and had lost a lot of weight. I feared the worst. Blood work confirmed my fears and “end of life care” became her treatment plan. My wonderful veterenarian highly recommended Dr. Daniel’s hemp oil product to give Gracie some physical comfort and hopefully reduce the nausea and increase her appetite. I can’t thank her enough!!! Although I was familiar with hospice care for people, I had never heard of hospice care for pets and I would NOT have known about this product if my vet had not recommened it. I immediately called Dr. Daniel. Gracie was my constant companion, joy and comfort for 13 years. I couldn’t bear to watch her decline and/or suffer. If this new product could help her, I was all for it!!

Dr. Daniel came to my apartment and administered her first dose, and taught me how to inject the hemp oil liquid into her mouth. This quickly became part of our morning routine. The nausea immediately settled down. The next day Gracie went from refusing all food to eating a teaspoon of prescribed canned food every 2 hours, this continued for several days. Across the next 2 months her appetite slowly improved. Initially it wasn’t easy for her system to recover, when a second medication was needed to help her I worried that it would interfere with the benefits of the hemp oil, but it didn’t. She now eats 1/2 can of prescribed canned food and her normal amount of dry cat food per day!! Behaviors that had disappeared began to return one by one to let me know that she is once again a happy cat: she purrs, cleans her fur, is playful, greets me at the door with a loud “meow” and rubs her body along my legs when she walks by as if to say “Here I am!” ….and she has returned to her normal weight!!

I believe Dr. Daniel saved my cat’s life with her hemp oil product. It took away her nausea so she would take in life saving food and water, which put her on the path to recovery. I may never know what caused the intense decline in Gracie’s health, but I do know that Dr. Daniel’s hemp oil product transformed her from an “end of life care” patient to a thriving happy cat once again!!! I continue to give her a daily dose of this product and always will!

I tell everyone that I know who has medical/health concerns for their cat how much hemp oil has helped Gracie. I’m so glad I gave this product a chance and hope you will too!!

Aaron de Monet

Dr Lisa Daniel changed my dog Oden’s life with her CBD/ hemp oil. Oden is a 16 year old lab and I have had him since he was a puppy. He has always been an energetic, active, and outdoorsy dog allowing him to come with me anywhere I went, even backcountry snowboarding. It has been really painful watching Oden age and battle with his arthritis. 6 months ago Oden was on carprofen and dasiquin which improved his arthritic conditions, but the Riimadyl came with many health risks. Despite this medication slightly improving his mobility, his spirit remained low and he would spend endless hour panting at night (most likely bc of discomfort and pain). He even struggled to walk around the block.

I was turned onto Dr Daniel and her CBD hemp oil line and checked with my local vet to make sure it wouldn’t interact with his current meds. Day 1 on CBD, Oden’s quality of life changed forever. He gained so much mobility and was able to stand tall and proud again. He was almost unrecognizable to friends of mine. This only improved as time has gone on. His tail wags the way it used to and he is able to participate in life again. He even runs like a bunny again when we play fetch. On top of his mobility he sleeps through the night and is so much happier and friendlier with other dogs. Its like years of life have been shaved off of him. This is the most incredible wonder oil. Oh, and Oden is even off carprofen!

Allison Cary

Our dog Milo is 17 year old chow/golden retriever mix that we have had since he was a puppy. At Milo’s advanced age he experience a fall a couple of months ago that set in motion what my husband and I thought was going to be the end. Through Lisa’s tireless work in trying to find just the right combination of solutions he has bounced back beyond anyone’s expectation. The most notable change occurred when Lisa put him on CBD. He went from needing to be helped with a sling every time he got up to now getting up on his own. The difference was almost immediate.

When I called Dr Daniel , it was because Milo was in a very terrible state, she saw him immediately and treated him with CBD. That night he was up and walking around on his own. It was so unbelievable to me that I sent her a video to show her what was happening. He went from being bed bound and needing assistance with everything to being able to walk out the door and handle his business with only a little support. His state of mind has also changed. He has gone from a mostly foggy state to a very clear mindset that allows him to have a wonderful quality of life.

The most notable impact that we have seen with Milo is that of pain management. With his physical decline we also saw a significant increase in what became an incapacitating and uncontrollable pain. With the implementation of the CBD pain issues became virtually non-existent. While the cost of treatment is typically the lowest on our list of priorities, we have found that using CBD has reduced the number of medications and overall cost significantly in his treatment.

I have my Milo back – a dog who loves to be outside and roll around in the grass and play with a ball (albeit the 17 year old version of ball but he wants to play). He still has his days but they are now much fewer and further between. I am so happy with the things that Dr. Daniel has done for Milo and it is miraculous the turn that Milo has taken.

Judy Nettles

I am the proud owner of a 9-year-old Bull Terrier named Ava. Ava was super active until last winter when she began to limp and was no longer able to walk and hike. X-rays revealed an old injury, a torn ACL ligament in her knee, severe arthritis in that joint and also arthritis in her most of her spine and even her tail!

Ava was prescribed the traditional pharmaceuticals Rimadyl and Tramadol for pain. The drugs sucked her precious quirky personality and left her flat. All she did was lay around. We knew Dr. Daniel was developing a hemp oil line and we were interested because we wanted something safe and non-toxic for long-term pain management in our dog.

Within a week we saw a HUGE difference in Ava. She was so happy and playful, but most of all she could get around with ease, and with a smile on her face. One month into therapy, we added in a nutraceutical called BioFlex Ultra that Dr. Daniel recommended and the results were even better! Ava is now back to daily hiking and swimming and we could not be more pleased.


Batman is a LARGE short-haired neutered tuxedo cat that has been having seizures since he was about 5 weeks old. In the first year he was having them about once a month. The next 8 months after that, he started having them once a week. Our veterinarian, Dr. C in Texas asked us to give the Feline Veterinary Hemp Extract from Dr. Daniel a try, so we did. I put Batman’s dose under some liquid kitty snack every night and he slurps it up. I am so pleased to share that he has been free 3 months and 10 days. He hasn’t said anything but I know he is truly thankful for his medicine and so are we.

Dale, Janet, and Oliver

We just wanted to thank you for helping us with our Charlie who went into stage 3 renal failure in October 2017. Charlie was given 3-6 months to live and because of your great hemp product we were able to get 2 years and 5 months of good life. We are sad to tell you that Charlie will be euthanized on Friday, March 13th, 2020. At 17 years and 10 months old Charlie is tired and he has let us know that he wants to go and be with his sister Sasafrass Marie who died from heart and kidney failure at 19 years old in May 2007.

We are forever grateful for finding you and your products. We wish you continued success.