Sherry Monier


I believe that Dr. Daniel saved my cat Gracie’s life!!!! In September 2016 I took Gracie to her vet because she was constantly licking her lips and gulping (later I learned this is a sign of nausea in cats). She was taking in minimal food and water and had lost a lot of weight. I feared the worst. Blood work confirmed my fears and “end of life care” became her treatment plan. My wonderful veterenarian highly recommended Dr. Daniel’s hemp oil product to give Gracie some physical comfort and hopefully reduce the nausea and increase her appetite. I can’t thank her enough!!! Although I was familiar with hospice care for people, I had never heard of hospice care for pets and I would NOT have known about this product if my vet had not recommened it. I immediately called Dr. Daniel. Gracie was my constant companion, joy and comfort for 13 years. I couldn’t bear to watch her decline and/or suffer. If this new product could help her, I was all for it!!

Dr. Daniel came to my apartment and administered her first dose, and taught me how to inject the hemp oil liquid into her mouth. This quickly became part of our morning routine. The nausea immediately settled down. The next day Gracie went from refusing all food to eating a teaspoon of prescribed canned food every 2 hours, this continued for several days. Across the next 2 months her appetite slowly improved. Initially it wasn’t easy for her system to recover, when a second medication was needed to help her I worried that it would interfere with the benefits of the hemp oil, but it didn’t. She now eats 1/2 can of prescribed canned food and her normal amount of dry cat food per day!! Behaviors that had disappeared began to return one by one to let me know that she is once again a happy cat: she purrs, cleans her fur, is playful, greets me at the door with a loud “meow” and rubs her body along my legs when she walks by as if to say “Here I am!” ….and she has returned to her normal weight!!

I believe Dr. Daniel saved my cat’s life with her hemp oil product. It took away her nausea so she would take in life saving food and water, which put her on the path to recovery. I may never know what caused the intense decline in Gracie’s health, but I do know that Dr. Daniel’s hemp oil product transformed her from an “end of life care” patient to a thriving happy cat once again!!! I continue to give her a daily dose of this product and always will!

I tell everyone that I know who has medical/health concerns for their cat how much hemp oil has helped Gracie. I’m so glad I gave this product a chance and hope you will too!!