Judy Nettles

I am the proud owner of a 9-year-old Bull Terrier named Ava. Ava was super active until last winter when she began to limp and was no longer able to walk and hike. X-rays revealed an old injury, a torn ACL ligament in her knee, severe arthritis in that joint and also arthritis in her most of her spine and even her tail!

Ava was prescribed the traditional pharmaceuticals Rimadyl and Tramadol for pain. The drugs sucked her precious quirky personality and left her flat. All she did was lay around. We knew Dr. Daniel was developing a hemp oil line and we were interested because we wanted something safe and non-toxic for long-term pain management in our dog.

Within a week we saw a HUGE difference in Ava. She was so happy and playful, but most of all she could get around with ease, and with a smile on her face. One month into therapy, we added in a nutraceutical called BioFlex Ultra that Dr. Daniel recommended and the results were even better! Ava is now back to daily hiking and swimming and we could not be more pleased.