Street Cat Rescue

I would like to mention how much CBD oil plays a role in Street Cat Rescue now. I first discovered the benefits in cats with my cat with cancer, Oliver. Although he was incurable he was able to be comfortable and his seizures were kept under control with the Feline Veterinary Hemp Extract Dr. Lisa Daniel sent to me. I was impressed.

I started experimenting on various ailments and discovered that it’s very helpful for stomatitis and IBD, CRF( kidney failure ) , Lymphoma and hospice cases. Oliver ,who wasn’t expected to make it through the night I had him in the ER lived another 5 1/2 months being his old self because of the oil. Dr. Daniel includes consults/advice for free when you purchase from her company. A sweet deal. She was of great help in dealing with Oliver and it is very reassuring to talk to an actual real live veterinarian about CBD oil use in animals and also , just being able to talk to an independent vet about what is going on in my rescue cats.

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