Aaron de Monet

Dr Lisa Daniel changed my dog Oden’s life with her CBD/ hemp oil. Oden is a 16 year old lab and I have had him since he was a puppy. He has always been an energetic, active, and outdoorsy dog allowing him to come with me anywhere I went, even backcountry snowboarding. It has been really painful watching Oden age and battle with his arthritis. 6 months ago Oden was on carprofen and dasiquin which improved his arthritic conditions, but the Riimadyl came with many health risks. Despite this medication slightly improving his mobility, his spirit remained low and he would spend endless hour panting at night (most likely bc of discomfort and pain). He even struggled to walk around the block.

I was turned onto Dr Daniel and her CBD hemp oil line and checked with my local vet to make sure it wouldn’t interact with his current meds. Day 1 on CBD, Oden’s quality of life changed forever. He gained so much mobility and was able to stand tall and proud again. He was almost unrecognizable to friends of mine. This only improved as time has gone on. His tail wags the way it used to and he is able to participate in life again. He even runs like a bunny again when we play fetch. On top of his mobility he sleeps through the night and is so much happier and friendlier with other dogs. Its like years of life have been shaved off of him. This is the most incredible wonder oil. Oh, and Oden is even off carprofen!