Lisa Seale

I have known Dr. Lisa Daniel for close to 20 years. I met her while working at a clinic here in Austin Texas. She is a truly caring person. She has always given great care to the animals she treats. She is a highly intelligent, well-educated veterinarian.

My dog Squirrel is a 14 dog. She is a 45-pound Australian Cattle Dog mix. Squirrel has had past serious liver issues. I noticed when Squirrel turned a certain way her hips would go out from under her. She also seemed to hesitate to get up, and when she did it was obvious her hips were becoming a bigger issue.

When her hips began to go, I was hesitant to put her on any drugs that could impact her liver. I started her on Adequan, oral joint supplements, and Tramadol as needed. In speaking with Dr. Lisa Daniel, I decided to try the hemp oil on a trial basis. WOW! After about 5 doses she was running around my house with the energy I had not seen in months. The hemp oil was the only new thing we added. I did not give the Tramadol after starting the hemp.
I’m thankful we are getting to a place where this will be available to pets.