Audrey McCarthy , Austin, TX

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Daniel and Canitesinne Biodynamic Veterinary Hemp Oil. My dog, Sweetie, is blind, deaf, paraplegic, incontinent, and suffers from dementia, anxiety, and pain. Our vet recommended we try Dr. Daniel’s Canine Biodynamic Veterinary Hemp Oil to ease Sweetie’s symptoms. I can say for certain that Sweetie’s quality of life has improved because of it. Sweetie is calmer and more comfortable since we started her on Canine Biodynamic’s CBD. She no longer seems agitated all the time. It is also so nice to have access to Dr. Daniel to provide guidance on dosing and help with general veterinary questions. Thank you, Dr. Daniel, for this product, and your counsel. Our girl is doing so much better and we are so grateful.