Dr. Tom Schnorr – Pharmacist

My fiancé brought a dog with her to our relationship, a 10-pound chaweenie. He was abused as a puppy. “Shiloh” is an easy dog. Well trained, peaceful and is a perfect companion dog to my future bride. He cowered from me for the first year of our relationship and would go into barking fits every 3-4 days when I came home. This past summer he was boarded for 5 days, and came home a mental wreck. It took a week to get him comfortable at home and trusting anyone. He normally travels with us as a companion dog, but it was out of the country and is very difficult to get him through customs.

Dr. Lisa provided CBD for us to use at home for his anxiety fits. We put it on a treat and he laps it up. Within 5 minutes he is relaxed, breathing deeper and wants to interact with us instead of curl up in his bed and shake.

We are so happy Dr Lisa is getting out there and helping us.