Maegan Cunningham

My Boston Terrier, Beans, had to have surgery on his neck for a herniated disc in his neck that almost left him paralyzed. He had to be kept strictly confined in a crate for 2 weeks after his surgery, and he was dong fine in the crate until the thunderstorms during the May floods came rolling though. Bean was absolutely terrified and began slamming his body against the crate and freaking out. We tried giving him some of his Tramadol pain medication to calm him, but it did not work.

We called Dr. Lisa and she came rushing over to check on Beans. She gave him a small dose of her dog hemp oil product and within 5 minutes Beans was calm and happy, relaxed and not fearful. It worked great for his thunderstorm phobia and had the added benefit of treating his neck pain. We now keep it on hand for Beans’ thunderstorm phobia, and it worked on the 4th of July, too!