Allison Cary

Our dog Milo is 17 year old chow/golden retriever mix that we have had since he was a puppy. At Milo’s advanced age he experience a fall a couple of months ago that set in motion what my husband and I thought was going to be the end. Through Lisa’s tireless work in trying to find just the right combination of solutions he has bounced back beyond anyone’s expectation. The most notable change occurred when Lisa put him on CBD. He went from needing to be helped with a sling every time he got up to now getting up on his own. The difference was almost immediate.

When I called Dr Daniel , it was because Milo was in a very terrible state, she saw him immediately and treated him with CBD. That night he was up and walking around on his own. It was so unbelievable to me that I sent her a video to show her what was happening. He went from being bed bound and needing assistance with everything to being able to walk out the door and handle his business with only a little support. His state of mind has also changed. He has gone from a mostly foggy state to a very clear mindset that allows him to have a wonderful quality of life.

The most notable impact that we have seen with Milo is that of pain management. With his physical decline we also saw a significant increase in what became an incapacitating and uncontrollable pain. With the implementation of the CBD pain issues became virtually non-existent. While the cost of treatment is typically the lowest on our list of priorities, we have found that using CBD has reduced the number of medications and overall cost significantly in his treatment.

I have my Milo back – a dog who loves to be outside and roll around in the grass and play with a ball (albeit the 17 year old version of ball but he wants to play). He still has his days but they are now much fewer and further between. I am so happy with the things that Dr. Daniel has done for Milo and it is miraculous the turn that Milo has taken.