Signs and Symptoms of Pain in Cats :

Many cat owners are unable to recognize the signs of pain in their cat . It simply does not occur to many cat owners that cats develop arthritis ( OA or osteoarthritis ) at the same rate as dogs because cats do not usually show the lameness and limping that is so visible in dogs with arthritis .Cat owners assume senior cats are supposed to sleep all day , retreat from family members, and no longer jump on furniture and beds or sleep with or snuggle with their owners .That is a false conclusion .

Signs of pain in cats include :

Many cats simply become less active , may hide or retreat from their owners and start sleeping in odd places like under the bed, the back of closets ,etc and may exhibit behavioral changes such as irritability , growling when moved, decreased grooming, decreased appetite , and difficulty getting into and out of litterbox – leading to urination and defecation outside the litterbox

There is help for your cat in pain .

Cannabidiol / CBD a very effective tool for pain and arthritis in cats and if the pain is mild enough , once daily dosing is usually adequate .For cats with severe pain twice daily dosing with hemp oil ( CBD ) will be required .